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                          Customer witness/ 客戶見證

                          Glass partition is a top can be cut off completely divide space

                          Sandblasting carved glass partition near its dim and luxurious effect, other types of products is unmatched. Carved and sandblasted glass partition of the material requirements are the most demanding. Glass partition is preferably made of high strength, high performance safety glass to produce raw materials, tempered and laminated glass, etc. can meet their requirements. But when the glass sculpture, strength tempered glass will drastically reduce, or even scratch the surface of each channel have increased the risk of crack, so as isolation of poor security ...

                          Glass partition selection

                          In a typical glass partition, the ordinary glass partition simple and clean, elegant and refined colored glass partition, sandblasted or engraved glass partition elegant, ethereal mystery ...... crack the glass partition different visual effects actually are all dependent on different selection created. Glass partition crack after effects must be tempered by a special impact fragmentation, glued together by a special process, it will not have the same pattern as the two appeared in line with the modern pursuit of personality characteristics. Choose this glass partition first thing is to pick the pattern ...

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